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  • TFM — may refer to: * A radio station in North East England TFM Radio * Grupo Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana railroad reporting mark|TFM * A TeX font metric file * Thin film composite membrane *TFM (piscicide), (3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol) a… …   Wikipedia

  • Lampricide — is a chemical which is designed to target the larvae of Lampreys in river systems before their recruitment as parasitic adults. TFM ( 3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol) is one such chemical [http://www.science.mcmaster.ca/Biology/Harbour/SPECIES/SEA… …   Wikipedia

  • Piscicide — A piscicide is a chemical substance which is poisonous to fish. The primary use for piscicides is to eliminate a dominant species of fish in a body of water, as the first step in attempting to populate the body of water with a different fish.… …   Wikipedia

  • TFM (piscicide) — TFM (3 trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol) is a common piscicide, i.e., a fish poison used to combat parasitic and invasive species of fish. [http://www.glfc.org/pubs/FACT 4.pdf TFM fact sheet] ] The substance was discovered in 1958 when researching… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste des numéros ONU — Cette liste répertorie les numéros ONU utilisés dans le transport de matières dangereuses. Sommaire 1 De 0 à 100 2 De 100 à 200 3 De 200 à 300 4 De 300 à 400 …   Wikipédia en Français

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